Causeway enables academic educators to be more efficient and effective, improving teaching performance and quality of eLearning experience.

The platform empowers educators, allowing them to translate their specialist knowledge into original and interactive learning packages their students will love.

Causeway is accessible with content ownership, customisation and control built in. Deliver better learning, faster.

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Build and publish your own online content

  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop interface
  • No IT expertise required
  • No installation – just log in and start creating
  • Save time and expense

Provide a rich learning experience

  • Combine multi-media, images video and audio, with text and question elements
  • Import and re-purpose your old PowerPoint presentations
  • Upload Pdf and word Documents
  • Provide external references

Create a truly interactive online environment

  • Many different modes of questioning including MCQ, SBA, word matching and short answer questions
  • Get students to make choices and decisions through our branching functionality


Publish, share and collaborate

  • Export completed learning packages in SCORM or HTML5
  • Integrates with Learning Management systems (LMS) such as Moodle and Canvas
  • Share your content development and collaborate with other authors
  • Provide stand-alone learning packages using a URL


Why Should You Use Causeway?

If you are a School teacher, University lecturer or company trainer you may wish to develop custom eLearning content for your learners. This can then be easily deployed within your company intranet for example or on the Internet within a short space of time. The fact that this can be done in-house without the need for expensive bespoke programming significantly reduces overall costs.

Causeway offers a way for eLearning managers to achieve their goals: customised training for the organisation; use by teams of people with different skills; rapid deployment; ease of maintenance and updating.

How can we help you?

Although we specialise in meeting the needs of health care educators our Digital Authoring and LMS products also work well in other education and training Scenarios.

Deans of Education

Lead the way with best practice eLearning. Build a community of practice and strengthen academic output.


Causeway lets you create unique, accessible learning experience with minimal fuss and no IT expertise.

Training Managers

Harness the expertise of experienced employees to produce your own bespoke corporate learning content.


Causeway enables richer, smarter personalised learning.