Deans of Education

Support your staff in their education tasks.

You will know how difficult it can be for lecturers with their multiplicity of roles.  Causeway is a productivity tool which will empower your lecturers to be creative and harness their specialist expertise to efficiently create excellent online learning content your students will rave about.

Causeway is a no code authoring tool for lecturers to improve productivity and a gateway to quality learning.

Lead the way with best practice eLearning. Build a community of practice and strengthen academic output.

Unlock the tremendous teaching potential of academic staff by providing the tools which will allow lecturers to give expression to their knowledge, creativity, and innovation for the benefit of students. Causeway lets lecturers put exciting interactive content directly online without any fuss or need for IT input or expertise.

Causeway does this by providing a simple, easy to use interface so that lecturers can concentrate on the message and the learning. Students will love it because of its interactivity. No more boring PowerPoint presentations or endless PDF documents to read, instead a refreshing interactive learning exchange with questions and instant feedback which will encourage students to feel confident in their learning.

Academic staff have many demands on their time. Let Causeway be a productivity tool and a time saver. Let academic staff shine in their teaching mission!