User Support

The purpose of this policy is to provide staff and customers with clear guidance on the support level provided by Inish Education Technology. Staff need to be aware of the level of support for customers mandated by this policy and Inish Education Technology’s commitment to comply with this and all related internal policy documents including our Privacy, Technical Support and Data Protection policies.


This document relates to the support provided with respect to the Causeway eAuthoring application provided by Inish Education Technology Ltd. This support is available to any Institution which has taken out a contract with Inish Education Technology Ltd.

User Support Obligations of the Company

  • The company agrees to grant the Customer access to the Causeway eLearning platform on a “Software as a Service” basis for up to the specified maximum number of concurrent users.
  • The Customer will appoint an “Administrator” who will then have the ability to allocate, edit and change users up to the specified maximum number of places, provided all users are accredited members of the Customer’s organisation.
  • The Customer will not be allowed to allocate users outside their institution except by the express permission of Inish Education Technology.
  • Each bone fide registered user of the Causeway eLearning Platform will be able to create their own eLearning content by using the tools supplied on the Causeway Platform. They will then be able to store edit, delete copies of their elearning content as well as “publish” and export their completed work.
  • The company will provide customers with access to an online user guide, FAQs and instructional videos to ensure customers are able to make best use of the product.
  • The Company will guarantee a service uptime of 99.5%
  • Outside this uptime guarantee the Company undertakes to inform the Customer in a timely fashion of any planned maintenance downtime.
  • The Company shall maintain all administrative and technical safeguards including backup to protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of the Customers data.
  • The Company will carry out regular audit of the security of the Customers data. This will include a yearly “penetration test” of the systems security.
  • The Company will provide the customer with upgrades to the service as appropriate during the lifetime of this agreement at no extra charge.
  • Additional bespoke services commissioned by the Customer may be subject to additional charges.

Your account your data

  • The Company agrees to keep customers’ data secure and will manage customer accounts in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
  • The Company or its agents will not access your account except for purposes of vital maintenance or with the express permission of the Customer.
  • The Customer will be in control of any Student tracking / Learner data functionality of the Causeway Platform and may enable or disable this. The Company will not access student data without the express permission of the Customer for legitimate purposes.

How to complain

If you have any concerns or feedback about the level of support that we provide, please let us know via our Contact Page.