Causeway 2.5 Overview

December 2023
We are pleased to announce the release of Causeway® 2.5. The new version will be implemented automatically for you. With Causeway® 2.5 the “pop-up” text boxes which were introduced in 2.4 will now allow you to define a background colour as well as specifying if the pop-up box persists – requiring the user to close it down, or disappears once the mouse pointer moves away. You will also be able to specify the location of the pop-up.

We have added two new elements to Causeway® 2.5. “Ordered List” allows the author to define an ordered list which the student has to rank order. The “Card Stack” element allows the author to create series of, what are commonly known as “Flash Cards” which can be a great aid in student revision. Students can use these card stacks to quiz themselves about a particular subject for example.

For further information about these new features, see the videos below:

Card Stack Element

Creating pop-up windows in the text editor