Causeway 2.4 Overview

June 2023
We are pleased to announce the release of Causeway® 2.4. The new version will be implemented automatically for you. With Causeway® 2.4 you will be able to create “pop-up” text boxes which activate when a user hovers over a specified piece of text. We have also added several new fonts to the text editor which will give authors more flexibility when creating content. You can also now add small images inside text blocks.

In Causeway® 2.4 the URLs for learning packages will persist even after you make changes. This means users can still access learning packages which you have amended using the original URL.

Causeway® 2.4 automatically generates a QR code when you publish a new learning package. This can be displayed at the right hand corner of the top bar and you can also copy it to the clip board for use in other documents. This is a useful feature for providing access and distributing learning packages to your audience.

Finally, in this latest version it is possible to have your Institutional logo included in the top bar of your learning packages. This will be done automatically for you, but can be changed upon request.

For further information about these new features, see the videos below:

Introduction to 2.4 and Incorporating small images in text blocks
Creating pop-up windows in the text editor
Generating a QR code for your learning package