Causeway 2.3 Overview

October 2022
We are pleased to announce the release of Causeway 2.3. The new version will be implemented automatically for you. One of the exciting new features is the facility to add a “voice-over” to any of the elements. For example, you can automatically record a commentary to an image element our add voice to a text block.  All this can be done within Causeway® and with no fuss.

You can also now import a PowerPoint slide deck (and its audio track) when you are creating a new learning package. Each of your slides will be allocated its own page, which means you can re-arrange them or interleave them with other elements (such as MCQs for example). This will allow authors to breathe new life into legacy PowerPoint slide decks. You can even add a “voice-over” to the slides within Causeway®. Incidentally you will be able to do the same things with Pdf documents.

How to move caption around image
How to import PowerPoint slides
How to record a “voice-over”
How to upload Pdf and other documents
New references element and separator options