Working with the MEDigi project to roll out Causeway to all Medical and Dental schools in Finland

We are excited to be working with the MEDigi project to roll out the Causeway authoring platform to all medical and dental schools in Finland.

The objective of this project is to harmonise and modernise medical education in Finland by utilising digitalisation in medical and dentistry teaching. The project is part of the Finnish national development work of medical education.

Inish Education Technology looks forward to playing its part in facilitating MEDigi’s aims of harmonising and digitising national teaching, in order to ensure the highest level of competence in graduating students in the Finnish health care system and to safeguard digital abilities in the changing information society.

Causeway 1.0

We are happy to announce that Causeway 1.0 is now released

Causeway 1.0 now allows you to:

  • Add searchable tags to your learning packages
  • Add branching between content elements
  • Export your content in HTML5, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 formats
  • Create a URL for your learning package
  • Collect performance data from your students
Author view when developing a new learning package

What Causeway can do for you

Designed by educators for educators

Easy to use “out of the box”

Multi-media support

Interactive learning

We have designed causeway for the clinical educator – to be able to use without any IT support. The intuitive user interface means that you can start to develop an online course directly from your own workstation and then upload it to the web with a few simple clicks.

You can redeploy your images, text, video clips etc, and you can compose questions for your students which you can make immediately available online.

What is more, all your online materials are easily re-edited with a few simple clicks!

It could not be easier to use and your students will find it compelling to use

AMEE Vienna 2019

Picture of Vienna Cityscape
AMEE 2019

We attended the Technology Enhanced Learning “pre-conference”. Interesting talks and discussions on the “near future” of Technology Enhanced Learning in Medical Education.
E-learning and Technology Enhanced Learning featured a lot at the main conference itself. There was much emphasis on cutting edge areas such as AI and Virtual Reality. Our feeling is that this will take a long time to get to the mainstream of medical education – if it ever does. In the meantime medical educators are lacking the tools to get engaging content online in sufficient volume. This needs to be an everyday activity and educators will need Authoring Systems such as Causeway to achieve this.

Ulster Bank Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme

Inish Ed Tech are taking part in the Ulster Bank Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme!

Gordon Merrylees, Managing Director Entrepreneurship, Royal Bank of Scotland said “We are delighted to welcome Kieran McGlade and Robert Roulston of Inish Education Technology on to the programme in the Belfast Hub”.

With our unique offering that provides the right environment, coaching and networks, we help entrepreneurs start, scale and succeed every day.” We look forward to seeing Inish Education Technology engage with the programme and grow their business with us.”

AMEE Conference, Basel 2018

AMEE was held in Basel Switzerland this year.  The European organisation has become an International Conference for Medical Educators.  For us it was a good place to meet and discuss with those who have an interest in the development of innovative eLearning solutions for health care educators.

There was much discussion, for example, about the role of Virtual and Augmented reality and it was apparent from a number of presentations that these technologies have their limitations.  Augmented reality, for example (when computer generated images are superimposed on the real world through the use of special glasses) has significant limitations with regard to the field of vision – which can be limited to 50 – 60 degrees. We will keep a watching brief on this technology but our feeling is that this is not quite ready and is still at the stage of a solution looking for a problem.  There are however many excitement developments in the use of VR for Anatomy.

In the trade exhibitions there were many companies offering solutions for anatomy teaching eg Plastination, 3D printing and video anatomy tables.  There were exhibitors offering a variety of solutions for assessment and also publishing houses offering content online.

AACE Conference Amsterdam 25th – 29th June 2018

We attended the AACE  EdMedia and Innovate conference in Amsterdam last month.
As well as great Keynote presentations from primary secondary and tertiary eduction, there was a varied scientific paper programme and a number of Special Interest Groups.  Among the latter an SIG on Learning Design proved to be particularly interesting and relevant.  Too often technologists are led by the… technology, rather than considering the Learning needs first and aspects of how these might be met by the design of the learning programme.  We hope to keep in touch with this group.
Keynotes from across the educational sectors gave much food for thought and each had a relevance for each sector. For example,  Maurice de Hond, a well known personality in Holland spoke about how primary education had to be more individualized to the learner and demonstrated software to facilitate this.

Inish Education Technology awarded a TechStart NI grant

March 2018
As a “Start-up” company, we are delighted to have been awarded a TechStart Northern Ireland “Concept Grant”
TechStart NI helps ” entrepreneurs build successful technology businesses from the ground up…… through the provision of advice, grants and seed investment”.

The grant was competitive  and the application process involved us in a written submission setting out our stall and, after short-listing, presenting how we would develop our concept to the TechStart NI panel.

It is very pleasing to not only receive funding but especially to have the recognition and support that the award affords